Friday, July 15, 2011

Happily Employed

This smalldog investor gots a paying gig. Seems some employer followed the bread crumbs (in the form of my extensive documentation with authorship notes in some legacy software) back to me and made a decent offer to do some soft-d on the old systems. Its VAX/VMS with DCL and a whole mess of convoluted C code that's been stepped on by a Russian army of anon's nowhere to be found now but it pays the bills and keeps me busy. So I am trading time for money instead of equities. Pity. I was just getting to the point of self-sufficiency with the daytrading. At least, I have a fallback if the day-job doesn't work out. In any case, this was to explain a gap in my posting. I have yet a bunch of post ideas rolling around in my head waiting to get out so stay tuned...

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  1. Write down the ideas Allen. I have had so many through the years, some lousy, some great but all would be forgotten if weren't for my small old school notepads laying around my desk :) Congratulations on landing the job. The beauty of trading time for money is that the ROI is 100% :) But I hear you, I can't wait to be back to investing 100% of the time. Cheers!


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