Thursday, March 8, 2012

nearly naked stock

one of the objections people have to selling calls against their stock is that if the stock starts to run-up then they get left spectating. this is unfortunate because equities only trend about 20-30% of the time. if you are not selling calls against your long stock then you are leaving money on the table and are most likely frustrated with the lack of profitability in range-bound trades.

i now have a new strategy, along the lines of my other nearly-naked strategies, that makes it so you can have your covered-call cake and eat it too by participating in up-trends.  the idea is simply this: buy a few more shares than you're selling calls against.

for example: purchase 150 shares of a stock you like and sell one 30-delta call option against it. now if the stock starts to move strongly above the strike of the call you still have 50 naked shares profiting in the run-up. you can let the 100 shares get called away thereby scooping profit off the table and manage the 50 naked shares as a runner, perhaps trailing a stop against it.

 i am now doing this with the few equities that i own the shares of. usually these are high-dividend paying life hedges, such as ED, VZ and XOM. now you have no excuses - sell some covered calls.


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  1. I agree with you that this is the safer tao. When I enter a long position on a stock, I will usually wait for the stock to go up about 5-10% and then I will short a cover call ATM on half to 2/3rds of my position, then leave the remainder to run. If the call i short gets exercised, at least I still get to sell the stock at the profit level that I short the call at.


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