Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still Here and Trading but New Work Situation

Hi smalldog fans,

Sorry that I've really slowed down on posts. I am still here, still trading but I have taken on a new work situation. So that means that I am not day-trading. Nor am I trading weekly options anymore. To give myself enough time to focus on new work activities I have shifted my focus to trading monthly options. In particular, I am concentrating on verticals and iron condors.

I've had a nice run (3) of winning trades utilizing Dan Sheridan's RUT Iron Condor, for example. If you have a funded account on TOS you can hear Dan explain this trade in the April 18 archived seminar. I do his trade trade 1/2 size and plan to add a contract leg after each $2,000 profit, in keeping with the size to portfolio ratio of Dan's trade.

Additionally, I've been seeing better performance by focusing on weekly aggregation periods in my charts. Its a less noisy chart, the supports and resistances are more reliable, my seasonal projection is cleaner and the PPS indicator is fairly accurate for these weekly charts.

I've shared some of these trades on MyTrade but perhaps I plan to start a series of posts that show my weekly chart set-up and discuss how it helps support my trading decisions.


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