Saturday, May 10, 2014

thinkscript included: sdi_seasonalstgy rev: 1.1.0 - win% label added

in this enhancement i have added a chart label to show the win% of the trades. here's how this looks:
p&l on dia with win% label on a $10k investment purchased on yesterday's, 9th of may, trading day of the year and held for 20 trading days, going back 20 years.
as you can see, now (at least in the short run,) is not a great time to be buying the dow. however, with only a coin-flip's chance, it is not a good short either despite the negative p&l shown for would-be buyers.

additionally, a minor flaw was corrected: previously, the commission input was limited to integer dollars. now the commission can be entered to the cent.

as always, i maintain the updated source code on the original post page here

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