Wednesday, June 11, 2014

psar psearch

i wrote a program that searches for optimal psar input parameters. these input parameters are called acceleration factor and acceleration limit. in my previous post i show one such setting found by the  psar psearch program for amzn. psar psearch evaluates the p&l of every legitimate setting of acceleration factor and acceleration limit at the resolution of .01, almost 5000 combinations, and picks out the most profitable one for an individual equity.

if you are using or contemplating the use of the parabolic stop-and-reverse strategy then you need to use non-default settings for the input parameters otherwise your trades will lose money during choppy periods. 

i'm sensing that perhaps there's a business opportunity in providing psar psearch optimized acceleration parameters so here's the deal: i will provide the current psar psearch acceleration factor/limit parameters for 10 stocks for $10. the optimization is performed looking back on 1 year of daily prices. what you get is perhaps some of the best hind/insight into long/short trading particular stocks and, in as much as the past has continuity with the future, is an excellent guide to trading individual equities. click the buy now button to get started.

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new 7dec2014 - i deliver your psar psearch parameters in a customized version of sdi_psarstgy_nq100. that is to say, you get the nasdaq100 stock optimizations plus your choice of 10 other stocks in a more convenient format. 

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  1. do you have settings for eur/usd,aud/usd,usd,jpy,gbp/usd,/6n.

    1. at the current time i only take requests for US stocks and etfs

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  3. Allen, I want the settings for 90 of the 100 stocks in the OEX. How do you want me to proceed? I prefer not having to type in 10 symbols nine times. Please reply. August


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