Thursday, July 10, 2014

nugt, psar-psearch superstar

nugt just threw a buy-signal:
psar-search bidirectional trading on nugt returned 130%
nugt is a psar-psearch superstar. over the preceding 52 weeks, simulated reversal trading on the psar signals using my psar-search settings made $12,979 in 36 trades that each bought or shorted $10,000 worth of nugt - almost 130% gain and that's without reinvesting the profits from preceding trades. 

to get long on nugt i bought a call spread by simultaneously buying the july 46 calls and selling the july 51 calls. i paid $2.29 for this spread and by eod it was trading for $2.75. i am targeting $3.70 which is about a 57% gain and about 50% of the maximum profit possible in this $5 wide spread.

want my psar settings for nugt? come to the psar-psearch page where, for a modest fee, you can buy optimized settings for the acceleration factor/limit input parameters to the standard psar indicator. you can use those parameters in any trading platform that provides the psar indicator or in my sdi_psarstgy (free), pictured above, on the thinkorswim platform, which will provide an on-going back-test analysis as well as the indicator.


  1. Allen I copied and pasted sdi_psarstgy in TOS. I keep getting an error message "add order function should not be used in studies." Hence nothing shows up on my chart but all the info displays in the study box. Can you help me? August

    1. Ah, yes. I have hit that problem many a time. For some reason the thinkOrSwim creators decided to segregate 'strategies' and 'studies' even though the distinction is slight. On the 'Edit Studies and Strategies' dialogue one must click on the 'Strategies' tab to create a new study that calls the addorder function.

  2. Thank you Allen. It works fine. I'll be back to you. August


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