Sunday, November 30, 2014

bonus thinkscript: sdi_avatod - average volume at time of day

bonus thinkscripts are the extra's you get when you purchase a distribution of my thinkscript suite. in the past they have mostly been thinkscripts that i pass along from other open sources. this new thinkscript is one for which i am not blogging the source code.

here is the image for my average volume at time of day script:

wmt with sdi_avatod 
average volume at time of day is an important concept for the investors business daily (ibd) crowd. in the image above the 50 day/1 hour avatod is shown as the red stairstep lines. the first hour of trading is particularly important (volume highlighted in a lighter shade of blue) as above average volume then is thought to be an early indication of institutional trading. on a holiday shortened day the the first hour of trading on wmt shows volume way above the 50 day average for the first hour of trading with a price gap to the upside. draw your own conclusions.

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  1. I would like to purchase this if it can be scanned for as pacing for anything over the average.
    Thx, Doug


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