Saturday, January 31, 2015

psar psearch makes AMaZiNg call

in the last half hour of the day the psar indicator, working on psar-psearch optimized settings, reversed a short position and went long on amzn. take a look:

amzn with psar indicator set to optimized parameters calls it right.
the chart shows a simulation of bi-directional trading of $10,000, based on the parabolicSAR indicator buy/sell recommendations set to my psar-psearched optimized settings for acceleration-factor and acceleration-limit. was that luck? i don't know. my small, defined-risk, iron-condor trade got over-run to the upside.  


  1. Allen, Please explain why your settings for amzn 0f .3,.53 differ from the settings your program was supposed to automatically adjust of .01,.04. Did I misread what the psar indicator was supposed to do? Thank you.

    1. the sdi_psar strategies present the best settings with respect to their scan-date and chart symbol. you can see the scan-date by clicking on the help icon for the 'dollars per trade' parameter. the psar-psearch scan is a proprietary program written in a general purpose language that generates thinkscript as its output. the thinkscripts select settings appropriate to the chart symbol but do not re-evaluate their psar settings once they are generated. the .3/.53 settings were the settings i had from a scan performed the previous weekend. for amzn they changed again post earnings.


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