Saturday, February 8, 2020

buy warren buffet's stock picks NOT his stock

i was playing around in m1 finance and created a pie with berkshire hathaway's largest stock holdings in approximately the same weighting as he has and i looked at how he did over the last year:
which was spectacularly good and beats the market performance of 22.8% over the same time frame. but then i wondered if should just buy mr. buffet's company (brk.b) and this is what i discovered:
that's a positive return but way underperforming the market. this is probably due to the fact that mr. buffet hordes cash, so the performance of his stock doesn't match his stock picks. if you want the performance of warren's stock picks buy his stock picks, not his stock.

with commission-free, fractional-share investing from m1 finance you can own warren's portfolio for as little as a $100 initial investment and add in increments as little as $10. use my pie link to fund a new m1 account and get a $10 reward. 

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