Saturday, February 1, 2020

my m1 portfolio beat the market in january

In January SPY was down a modest .0559% while my M1 Portfolio was up .84% but I think you'll want to know why. Here's the account picture:
The stock assets of this portfolio outperformed the S&P an insignificant tiny smidge but the nonstock 'Safety' assets really saved the month, so much so that this minority portion of the pie more than made up for the losses in the majority slice. This is hedging working at its best to save my, uh, assets. 

So what is in this wonderous 'Safety' pie? Have a gander:
Most of the gains came from treasury bonds (TLT, IEI) the traditional place to park money in a risk-off scenario also gold, GLD. The spanking that commodities (GSG) took, down 12.53% for the month, did not harm the overall performance of the Safety pie. The assets in this pie and the allocations come from the non-stock portions of Ray Dalio's All Weather Portfolio. Thank you Ray.

At this time I am leaving the overall allocations 70% stocks and 30% Safety assets alone. There has been a return to normal volatility last week but the trend is still intact and there's still a couple of months left to stock season. My guess is that the current worries about the new Wuhan Corona Virus and the impeachment trial will simply blow over without much consequence. 

If you want a portfolio like mine here is the share link.  Feel free to mix and match your stock portfolio with the Safety pie. Use that link to fund a new account and you will be rewarded  $10 (alas the Jan promotional rate of $20 has ended.) You can get started for as little as a $100 initial investment and add in increments as small as $10 and M1 will execute commission-free, fractional-share transactions to meet your allocation specifications - really a smalldog's bff. 

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