Saturday, March 7, 2020

m1 account stress test

it was a tough week in the broad markets. frankly, my big account is down on the week but this little m1 set-up i have came up smelling roses, here's the picture:
the safety pie i expected to be up. it is composed of non-stock etf's like TLT,IEI (bonds,) GLD, and GSG (commodity futures) - things that people rotate into in a risk-off environment. i cribbed this safety pie from ray dalio's all weather portfolio by selecting the non-stock selections. the surprise is the valueLine pie, which moved up 2.56% - who are those guys!? meanwhile buffet's portfolio (which i am scaling into) got spanked for 1% (no biggy and does not change my mind.) i plan to keep this winter-mode allocation (70% stock, 30% safety) throughout march to get some good dca'ing on the low-down. then in april i plan to change-up into a summer-mode by upping the allocation to safety to 70% but let the weekly contributions slowly move me there. when the account is a little larger that won't work so i will either have to use the rebalance button or up the weekly contributions. in any case, here is the share link for my portfolio if you like what you see - that doubles as an affiliate referral link so m1 will throw you (and me) a bone, typically $10, if you use it to fund a new account.

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