a small dog investor is a tenacious, self-directed, active trader; aggressively pulling money from the market like my sister's dog, bubbles (great name for a trader dog, no?), in the background photo. a small dog investor is nimble and does not move the market when he trades. we eschew the self-serving advice of bigdog investors, institutions and the like, that would have us believe we can't beat their averages. in this blog I share with you the methods of my madness.

as for me: I am a software guy with a physics degree turned trading pro. I use my software and analytical skills to develop thinkScript studies to enhance decision support. I mostly trade small stock-option positions with defined risk and high leverage but target a high percentage gain.

my trading platform of choice is ThinkOrSwim from td ameritrade because of speedy trade execution, low fees, coupled with free yet excellent charting, analytics and education. i have been a think-or-swimmer since jan 2009. interests: trading options, equities, futures and currencies. for reasons i can't explain i like programing in thinkscript.

trade smaller than you think you need to, stay small longer than you think you need to.