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  1. Hello AllenEv, I am an options trader and I have read through all your blog going back to the beginning. I too have been looking at the Poor Man's Covered Call as a primary strategy. I love your post drawing the analogy to a manufacturing business. Depending on the delta of the long option you can have a similar profit/loss or risk-reward of an actual C.C. without the margin requirement for the stock. One thing I feel important to mention is how the change in Vega will effect the risk profile.
    I look for stocks with LOW IV% as any increase will have the dual effect of inflating the near month calls you sell against the position and reducing the loss on the long call. Likewise any decrease in IV will add risk and reduce potential profits.
    I had a question on a modification to the P.M.CC do you have an E-mail where I can reach you?
    Twitter: JelloMonkey

  2. can you write a code for a 3 month 3 week 3 day rolling pivot for thinkorswim? jeff


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